Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm back! My camera lens broke a few weeks ago and I just got it back last week. Besides, I've been sick for days - I came down with a bad cold. After having recovered a little I spend the sunday with my man taking photos outside, eating cake and relaxing. I am currently wearing this coat a lot - it's already pretty old and I actually got it from my mum. I love the color and the oversized look. The rest of the outfit is really simple - black on black with gold details and bordeaux nail polish. I hope from now on nothing will break, get robbed or go wrong in any other way so that I'll be able to blog more regularly. Oh, and did you notice my new haircut? I simply needed to get rid of my super long hair - it was so heavy, long and boring. I personally love this length! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, love the outfit, especially the bag!

  2. Very beautiful jacket! I like the pictures too, very pretty!

    1. thank you so much - funny to see a comment by another Svea! :)